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Cabcall PHTM Expo Milton Keynes

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Cabcall Outsource: PHTM Expo Milton Keynes 2019

The annual show at Milton Keynes will be an opportunity for Cabcall Outsource to meet many of our existing clients and acquaintances alongside new taxi operators who are considering outsourcing.  Last year we were overrun with enquiries so have decided to use a larger stand near the main Autocab Exhibit and will have call centre staff in attendance so you can talk to the potential people who will be answering your taxi calls.  All our staff are trained to use Autocab, ICabbi, Cordic, Cab Treasure, CMS, Datamaster, Echo, Sherlock and many more.

Cabcall Outsource: Largest Taxi Call Centre in Pakistan

Islamabad is a different standard just as London or any Capital City is different to the rest of the country.

Annual Update: Since PHTM Expo 2018

Its been a busy year in terms of the Taxi Call Centre World.  With the National Minimum Wage now at £8.21 per hour for over 25’s, Cabcall has had a surge of enquiries from UK Taxi companies.  Base operators are the biggest problem for taxi companies as they can make you or break you.  Cabcall Outsource has quickly grown into a corporate entity and one of the largest employers in Islamabad.  We are the largest and most generously resourced taxi call centre in the whole of Pakistan.

We are currently building a 6-storey extension to our Taxi Call Facility in Islamabad to accommodate the demand.

Human Resource: Not your Problem

Solve all your Human Resource worries, reduce overheads as an empty UK office will reduce Utility bills.  How many times do you walk into an empty office with the heating on full and all the windows open?  Most of our clients have reallocated use of their UK call Centre facility to other departments like driver training.

Cabcall PHTM Expo Milton Keynes

When a dispatcher goes on holiday or calls in sick, it can cause serious disruption trying to find cover.  This will no longer be your problem as we have a full back up plan for all our clients.

Don’t Think about it!  “In six short months you will sitting pretty” is the advice we give all new prospects.  Many come back to us after a year and openly admit they wished they had proceeded immediately.

Masters Graduates as Taxi Operators

Hiring Masters graduates instead of a high school drop outs is a no brainer.  Graduates have been conditioned to learn and adjust and above all use their initiative.  They are career orientated instead resigned to being in a dead-end job.

Most of our Call Operators are the UK returns, which means they were born in Pakistan but went to the UK for several years to work or study.  These people have developed a UK accent and in most cases, your customers will not even notice their call is being taken abroad.  The UK ex-pat community in the north of the country is vast and we also have many of those UK born Nationals working at Cabcall PHTM Expo Milton Keynes

Case Study: Our First Client

Our first client had 150 cars when they joined us in early 2017 and now boast 400 cars with competition being bought out regularly.

How have they done it?

  1. Money saved from Outsourcing allocated to a ring-fenced budget for acquisitions.
  2. Having more staff when it matters, hence less missed calls
  3. Diverting complaints away from their booking line
  4. Allocate funds for online marketing
  5. Worked closely with Autocab to fully optimise and automate dispatch system
  6. Senior Managers focusing on corporate clients as time is now free

Our services mostly benefit 24-hour Taxi operations who match the following

  • Have at least 2 operators per shift
  • Have 100 drivers or more
  • Use Auto Dispatching
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Show entrepreneurial spirit

If you would like to get in touch with us before June, please click link below.

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