Cricket World Cup 2019

Cricket World Cup 2019

Cricket world cup 2019

The fever of cricket is not just on the playing field but is caught across the globe as people settle in to watch the games. Being British & Pakistani national, world cup cricket is a touchy subject.

The most popular question asked at this time to a dual national is who you support. Do you side with loyalty or pride of your heritage? Loyalty to the country you call home, the place which you have been raised, educated and been given opportunities. Or does one side with his or her heritage, the country from which their parents emigrated from.

Only each individual can answer this as there is no right or wrong answer. Me personally I support England as I have a stronger connection to this place then I have to Pakistan, a country where my parents emigrated from.

So the date of the match is fixed England Vs Pakistan, the venue is set for the lads to come to mine to watch the game and slave over the BBQ.

There is 8 of us watching the toss when I am asked by a friend, who do you support? I blurt out England of course without hesitation. I hear gasps and the sound of boos coming from all directions. The lads are telling me I should be supporting Pakistan as I am currently residing here. But why? Just for the reason of my current resident status I should fall in line and place my bets behind Pakistan. Nah, I shall take my chances and back England, of course, we English are the ones who invented the game. Plus I enjoy the competitive atmosphere and banter created, 7 against 1.

It’s coming home, it’s coming….

The deafening cheers, the shocked emotions swept across the sea of people’s faces. We have done it. Finally, after creating the game and spreading it across the World, we have won the Cricket World Cup 2019. A piece of history embedded in our minds for the rest of our lives.

Cricket is a sport which brings people from all corners, backgrounds, and beliefs in a country together and at the time of the world cup it brings nations of the globe together. Cricket across the world is a sport played on any piece of land, where a ball can be balled and a cricket bat can be hit. It was great to see an internal cricket match within Cabcall Outsource and look to start this again after summer.

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