Intelligent Onboarding

A user firendly, consumer targeted B2B process initiated by Cabcall Outsource

So, what is this intelligent onboarding?

Intelligent Onboarding is a nurturing process that will get you acquainted with and provide you with a market competitive quotation. An exceptional program that involves step-by-step updates, and support, and makes sure you get the best care you need for your business to thrive.

How is this important for me?

Here are a few stats that prove the importance of our intelligent onboarding process:

  • You'll retain 75% of new customers within first two weeks.
  • 40-60% of your new customers would have you as a first choice.
  • More revenue generated with existing customers.
  • Happy customers would become your referral source.

Life Time Value

We believe that every customer of yours should be a raving fan of your services. That is our only and ultimate target and how we do that sets the very tone of your ongoing relationship with us.

Why Wait?

When you place your business in our hands, there are many indirect benefits also:

  • Not employing directly avoids need to give benefits.
  • Avoid managing a team yourself.
  • HR department to manage statutory requirements not necessary.